Friday, May 13, 2005


It's been a while. Some weeks just don't come together well. Now posted are pictures from Mother's Day cookout at our house. Click on "My photo albums" on the right, then find "Mom's 05." We had a great time with family and friends. And what an honor to get to have it at our house! I'll upload some individual pics, too.

That morning, we had brunch with Mom, Linda, and the girls. It was also a huge treat. Church was good as usual, and it was special to get to do the lunch for our moms.

I've had 2 softball games and 2 more hard losses this week. Last night I caught a ball on my arm - a high fly that somehow missed my glove. OUCH. Erica thinks it's broken, but it's not. I have tough bones. I cannot get on base to save my life. The batting cages are calling my name. SHAME! But the fielding is coming along, minus above-mentioned fly.

I got another Square Books Signed Firsts shipment this week. This one is "Drama City" by George Pelecanos. It came with a letter - "we don't usually send crime novels, but this one is really good..." Now I'm behind 2 books and want to catch up.

I'm about to go to an AIDS conference at lunch, then to the Cunningham's where we're babysitting overnight. On call again tomorrow, so I'll miss out on spending more time with the kids tomorrow. Dad is in Philadelphia. I talked to him this morning, and it sounds like he's having fun. Off to the shower.

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brooke said...

hey much does that signed firsts run you??? i checked out the web page, and it looks pretty rad.