Sunday, February 28, 2010


I fell off the blog wagon after all that January drama.

I am enjoying a Sunday afternoon with my computer, playing catch up and planning how much more there is to do. Including taxes. If I get that done, it'll be huge.

We are having an open house now; the family is sleeping while I do my solitude thing. Pa.ndora, Goog.le Reader,, etc. I'm so web savvy! I know how to put dots between popular words so creeps don't find me!!!!!

Dory has heartworms and is undergoing treatment. She had her first shot Friday. It makes us feel like horrible moms for letting her get sick. Now she has to be super calm for six weeks. Good luck.

I am going to Cincinnati for 6 months (January-June 2011). So that's decided. I picked the 6-month, direct-flight, normal working hours, no-call option. Shocking, really. So I plan on my first real paycheck at the end of July 2011. There. It's out there. We can make it.

Ross is into costumes: Darth Vader, Jedi, dragon, Spiderman, pirate.
Reid is trying out rice cereal this week. Sitting up a little bit. LAUGHING. But mostly very serious. Nursing eighty times a night. Chomping on fingers. Squeezing his toes.