Thursday, May 05, 2011


Scene: IR room 30, where nurses are responsible for placing the majority of CCHMC's PICCs*.

Adam, the nurse.
Amanda, the IR tech.
Jen, the documenting nurse.
Mary, the child life specialist.
XYZ, the patient (approximately 12 months old).
Dr. Leah, the helper (only present because the PICC nurses aren't allowed to advance a wire beyond the tip of the catheter; we get called when they get into trouble).

Casual chit-chat. Jovial. Almost silly. Introductions and time-out take place.

ADAM (prepping the patient's arm): So, Leah, do you have a man in Arkansas?

LEAH (donning gown and gloves): A WHAT????

ADAM: A man?

LEAH: No, I have a woman!


MARY: That's nice.

LEAH (to Amanda): I don't know if that's what I was supposed to say. (to the room in general): I've got a partner and two little boys.

Casual chit-chat resumes.

Later, flying with my Cincinnati mentor, Neil. I had the controls for much of the return flight. He even tested my skills by putting on blinders so that I couldn't see out of the windows. I was flying by the seat of my pants instruments and dials.

*If you're interested, I can always add more medical acronyms. I can speak solely in jargon when necessary.