Thursday, October 27, 2005


More pics have been uploaded, including the fair. It was a really depressing day - there was only one little kid there to represent the whole state. Oh well, we took lots of pictures - exclusively of her. It was sad to see such a cute kid without parents or family there... strange. (Just making the point that no pictures included anyone other than sweet Sydney!)

New Hero

Martha rocks. I want to be Martha and have all her money. The truth hurts.

Another negative

My life revolves in two-week increments now. The most recent: the waiting game, in which time stands still, Erica stays away from alcohol and heavy lifting, and the "maybe" and "what if" linger over everything we do. This is the more exciting of the two.

Now we've started another fourteen-day session: the preparing again game, in which we encourage and rationalize and plan and order another shipment.

We are famous! The Arkansas public radio did a spot about fertility at UAMS. Or the lack thereof, to be more precise. I ramble on in my fifteen seconds of fame. People are hearing it and mentioning it to me - I've had positive reactions for standing up for our fertility rights. It's not a fair policy.

The Braswell family has been busy! My dad got married last weekend (I'm sorry, but that is weird). Lots of family to see. Our house is redecorated and looks awesome. (Everyone is invited to come see at any time.) Dory and I are running in the cold weather mornings. Erica is loving her primary care month and wants to go into private practice (rock on). Church activities are filling our time, including the media team, Sunday School, and homeless outreach. I'm now on nuclear medicine and enjoying a little more laid-back atmosphere. Call is call.

Halloween is coming - party at our house tomorrow night if you want to decorate cookies.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Notice how PACKED the stands are! Erica was somewhat disappointed by the football game. I was excited to see the sparse crowd - Sewanee is about studying and socializing - not a lot of extra time for gladiatorial pursuits.

This is my best college buddy, Erica Jensen, and her boyfriend Brendan. Just for those who didn't already know.

Monday, October 17, 2005


I've finally uploaded a lot of pictures from the camera - a LOT. There are still more to come from recent events, but Sewanee, some Sydney, some Japhy, and some Dory are all there. Kind of a clean-up night at our house. I like Monday nights when we regroup and get a lot done. Almost makes it worthwhile to have a Monday.

We went to the State Fair yesterday. I figured that it had been 12 years since I had been to that event. It was fun, though, because we got to experience it via the mind of a soon-to-be 3 y/o. Priceless. Pics to come (I promise).

Call on Saturday was awful, but I'm glad it is over. I had to rat out TWO of my colleagues today, which was extremely stressful. One for not answering pages, which I keep hearing about from other residents. The other for jacking around on call and not getting his work done. Neither of these was my initiative, but I answered the chief resident truthfully - and I didn't have very many pretty things to say.

Quiet night at home with the girls. Ahhh, heaven.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Class Pic

One when you start, one when you finish.



Well, we have arrived in Sewanee. It is soooo foggy. Perfectly damp, cold day. We are roughing it at my former crew coach's house. He and his wife live in Chattanooga but remain faithful to Sewanee by living here when they can and renting rooms when they can't. It's a sort of bed-and-breakfast, more bed than breakfast. Built in 1872, it has sloping wood floors and musty old rugs. The windows are open all the time, and ceiling fans were twirling when we got there. Door stays unlocked.

The "apartment" where we are staying is kind of attached to the back of the house. It has a mini-kitchen in which we have set up our camping out air mattress. And it has a separate bathroom. It's not high on amenities. Very Sewanee. Very where the sidewalk ends.

We spent > $200 at the bookstore yesterday. It was time to stock up on essentials.

Erica Jensen gets into the Nashville airport around 2pm. We're resting up for her arrival and the jam-packed schedule that is planned for the rest of the weekend. I'll need a vacation when we get back to LR! This is so exciting to me. I can't believe that it's been 5 1/2 years since this was my home!! Four years was gone in a flash. I miss it so much and am so grateful that I was allowed to dwell here for a short time. This place made me who I am. I love it for its bad weather, slow pace, non-air-conditioned dorms, and all-night study sessions.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Almost time for the big trip to Sewanee. I am so flippin' excited. Call tonight has been busy - a great kind of busy that flies by. And no more call until after the trip, so no worries.

There is a list on MSN of "Music to Tip Cows To." This soooo reminds me of visiting the cows and "cowlets" in Cowan, TN. So many awesome Sewanee memories!! This particular one involved Paprika Papaya the Probe. I'll probably never name a car again, but that one deserved it. Weird inside joke.

It was fun to run across cow tipping music just when I am flooded with Sewanee memories. My other most recent thoughts have involved: What events will we attend? Who will we see? Will we get any sleep? Has the food changed? Will the band(s) totally rock or totally suck? WHAT KINDS OF ALCOHOL WILL WE DRINK?? We always went all out at the Depot for Homecoming. Sara and I loved Jim Beam and Mr. Pibb for party weekends. I'm thinking lots of Southpaw will do the trick.

Ahhh, heaven.