Sunday, May 01, 2005


I'm on call at St. Vincent's today; 7A-7A the next day. It's totally boring some days. But the doctor's lounge has a stocked ice cream freezer, and I get $10 per meal in the cafeteria. Major snack city. Today is pretty typical; only a few calls during the day, but you always get slammed around 10PM. I watched the Cards game this afternoon. E came to eat lunch. Read the paper. Took a nap. Hey, I warned you - boring!

Now "Maggie O'Connell" from Northern Exposure is trying to sell me prescription eye drops for chronic dry eyes. Gimme a break! John Stossell needs to hear about this one. First of all, QUIT SELLING PRESCRIPTION MEDS ON TV! It's killing me. Second of all, tell these people to go see their ophtho and use SALINE until then. Do not put cyclosporine in your eyes. Please. This advertising drugs has gotten out of control. Third of all, you're wasting some pretty awesome talent here. Janine Turner will always be O'Connell to me - what a show.

My car is in the shop. Less than 2,000 miles, and it's been there 3 times. Not that I can leave the confines of this hospital today, anyway. Hopefully they'll find the rattle (I think they left a screwdriver in there) and I can get it back tomorrow.

We saw The Interpreter last night. It's a solid flick. It's one of those that grabs you from the beginnning. I was TENSE and shoveling popcorn. I love going to the movies. I used to save all my movie ticket stubs and recently pasted hundreds of them (it seemed) into a book. In high school, that must have been a significant part of our entertainment. Isn't that funny - I remember playing ball and hanging out with everybody more than going to the movie. But we went all the time.

OK, I can't think of anything else that might even be mildly interesting to the world. Enjoy the weather and have a good week! And do something nice for your mom for next Sunday.

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