Monday, March 31, 2008


E and I have been talking a lot lately about building our dream house someday.  We want 5 acres with woods, mountain view, big house, pool, lots of garage space, etc.  The works.  It is so much fun to plan and discuss.  We have been doing this as long as we have known each other.  When we were in medical school, we bought architecture plan magazines and pored over our favorites.  Now we live in a 30-year-old house that has some creaks and cracks.  It is one thing after another.  

But the dreams are in a lot of ways already realized.  It's fun to do the journey, but we've got it all.  It's amazing to know we will make "real" money when residency is finished, but we've got it all.  I have to remind myself.  

Ross is all over the place.  We find him up on the kitchen table, standing and clapping.  He climbs the stairs by himself.  He climbs the ladder for the slide, as above.  He wants to carry his backpack or any other bag.  He is starting to make intelligible noises for words like "duck" and "backpack."  Just yesterday, he started pointing to each item I mentioned in his favorite book.

I like the picture of him in his skunk hat.  He wore the heck out of that one and the puppy dog one this winter.  And he loved that red jacket with a fire truck on it.  Now he is into plaid shorts and navy Crocks.  We also bought Merrels when he outgrew the last pair of shoes.  We were smart this time - no shoestrings for the whole summer, unless he wears white when dressing up.

I went to Rogers this weekend for a friend's wedding.  It was a true England, AR, event.  I grew up in a town of 3000 people, but to me it was a universe of safety net.  It was the whole world, and nothing could really go wrong.  What a good time to be around the core group of people who truly raised me and now watch me raise a boy.  I will forever believe that there are no finer people on the planet than these.

Work is work.  I look forward to another trip to DC for a meeting in a few weeks, then a meeting in June in Boston.  E and I are planning some vacation time the first week of May.  Hopefully some nights in a tent, and some time in St. Louis, and some wins against the Cubbies.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


I had written a long stinking blog update yesterday.  Stupid thing went to offline error or some other bloggerese notion, and the "save now" draft function obviously worked at about 0% effectiveness.

I had posted lots of random crap about my current state of affairs, about which you are now clueless.  Nothing was earth-shattering, but it was good - dammit.

Ross is Ross, which is to say perfect.  He is climbing and jabbering and loving and all those perfect toddler things.  He is such a ham.

Being home from DC is also great, but there are times that I miss being there.  We went to a wedding last night and headed downtown a few minutes early for a drink.  I told Erica to pull out the iPhone to get an address, and it made me miss the daily adventure that was living in a new place.  So I had a Hendrick's and tonic to make up for my missing DC; I will associate those two forever.

I can't remember what the rest of the post was about.  Stupid brain.  Probably something to do with the snow, which is now gone.

Still (still!!!) reading Atlas Shrugged, which is worth it.  Now starting Trail of Crumbs, which has an interesting provenance and an interesting connection for me personally; will fill you in later.