Monday, July 28, 2008

Holy smokes

I am a Facebook victim.  That thing is ridiculous.  I thought reading books could while away the time.  Geez.

Meanwhile, we're doing fine, if Erica could ever get my head out of the laptop these last couple of days.  Her mom has been diagnosed with a large chest mass - long story short, the biopsy is benign and she sees a surgeon tomorrow to get it taken out sometime soon.  The big family beach plan is somewhat on hold.

Ross is a maniac, jumping and climbing and wanting no help on the diving board!  He calls us both "Eah" because the twins always called me that growing up.  It has been a struggle to try to teach him "E-Momma."  And he's now getting a little more personality while playing with other kids, i.e. knocking them over and pulling hair.  That's what happens when you have a 9-year-old boy for a cousin.  He says "cheese" whenever he sees a camera.  He can't stop jabbering.  When he wants something, he says "eah" over and over and over again until we pay attention!  It is kind of cute.

I have also discovered for list-keeping.  It is like coming home again for anyone with OCD such as myself.

Now I just need to add to the list: figure out how to make my blog more techno-savvy.  It has been neglected.  I don't even have all my links on the side.  Love my blogs.  And don't even mention pictures and videos.  

Off to FB for more chatting with the long-losts.