Saturday, May 07, 2005


So I've finished my first week with Dr. Beck. He is a hematologist/oncologist in private practice. I make rounds with him and hang out in clinic. He is one of the most incredible people I've ever met. I'll write more later, but this is a person with character. He is right out of the pages of a Sewanee yearbook. Well-read, well-spoken... you get the point.

Friday, Erica and I BOTH had a day off. It was great. I got home from call at 7AM, and we pretty much hit the ground running from there. Dory got a bath and nails trimmed at the vet's office, and we got to have lunch at Carrino's which is new in town. We mulched the flower beds and dug up a lot of azaleas that were crowding everything else out. There is no telling how much I have lifted in the past 24 hours: bags of mulch, plants, edger, weed-eater... now I'm mowing. I'll post some pics from the front yard. It was WORTH it. Looks great.

Went to Conway today to see my cousin Will's new apartment. My family was there painting and getting the place cleaned up. It's an old house on Locust split into 4 apartments. I think it's going to work out really well. Then I came home to finish in the yard.

Melissa and Shawn are on their way over. We miss Shawn so much! But he is having a blast in Dallas.

Oh yeah, snot: my nose is hating me and refuses to unclog. It is allergy central. Erin, I don't have your phone number! Call me or my mom and let me know the number to your pharmacy. Love you!

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