Monday, May 16, 2005


This is where all your questions are answered. Well, at least the ones you've posted as comments....

My Square Books usually runs about $25. It depends on the book, and they just charge me the sticker price and no shipping. They're all hardbacks; some are $20, some $30. The nice thing is they come with that clear book jacket and are the best things to put on display. I love a house full of books.

I have 2 different Katys. I was referring to Katy Bartlett when I was talking about softball shorts and khakis. She thinks that's hilarious. Which I guess it is. SO... Katy Baker, that's why that probably sounded weird to you - you thought I meant you. And YES I was at my own party. Just don't have any pics to prove it.

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Anonymous said...

Erica- take some pictures of her!!
katy baker