Wednesday, November 12, 2008

True love

The main change recently is that Mae has moved to a farm.  This is a good thing.  She is reportedly happy, and we are definitely happy.  Things are more peaceful, Dory is like a new woman, and we now have a daily reminder of what true love between a boy and his dog is.  

Our new nanny is a lifesaver.  We have all kinds of names for her, but the bottom line is that we are better off.  We are less stressed, better fed, and more organized.  Tennille and Ross make a great team.  She is really on board with our parenting goals and philosophies.  All of which is very good, especially given that we will be taking a break from Parent's Day Out for the previously mentioned reasons.

I have to take a break to tell you that Ross has gotten his second wind tonight, which includes running all around, not minding, pulling Dory's ears, and stating, "I NEED CANDY."  Now he is jumping on the couch.  This usually means it is bedtime.  For some reason, it happens most nights.  He had a dose of Benadryl about an hour ago.  Maybe this is a paradoxical reaction.  That would be so bad, because we often rely on pharmaceutical help with bedtime.  Now he is saying "READY! JUMP" from the couch.  He said, "Be careful take a big jump so high."  Erica is about to pass out from nervousness.

He thinks there is a monster in our house.  It is silly, not scary, and alternates between being yellow and brown.  Why would such a young kid think there's a monster hiding in our house?Where did he get that?

Work is good.  I did a month-long rotation on pediatric interventional radiology and loved it.  That is comforting given that I want to dedicate my career to this field.  It would have been pretty weird to have hated it.

We want to sell our house.  We are the most indecisive people.  Maybe we have bad luck.  Or chronically inadequate expectations about what it will be like once we've lived in a house for a year.  Anyway, we would love to find a way out at this point.  For lots of reasons, not the least of which is that this one if breaking the bank.  

Okay, it's clear I need to study.  Why else would I be such a good blogger?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Here's an excerpt from the seven-paragraph (SEVEN!) email that was in my inbox when Ross was picked up from school.  

I'm not including the paragraphs that suggested we get professional help.  Or the one that said an occupational therapist might be able to prescribe a "sensory diet."  Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  

[K**** said he did try to bite A**** on the finger today, but it didn’t leave a mark.  She didn’t write it up, and I’m not going to count it as one of his three “chances”.  I have let her know that if he bites at school, he has to be picked up, and after three occurrences, he won’t be able to come back.  I really hope it doesn’t get that far.  You know I really love Ross; we all do.  It seems to me like a very severe consequence, but I have to make sure the other children are safe.  I can’t put the church in a position of liability.


We remain open to any other suggestions you might have to help Ross get through this difficult time.  He is a smart, sweet boy, and we will do anything we can to help him (and you two).]

Did that say July???

I just logged in and saw that my last post was July 28th.  Is that possible?  Are they going to kick me off for never attempting to entertain a few readers?  Would I deserve it?  Probably so.

I blame Facebook.  It's my new way to keep in touch, and given its ubiquity on the phone, I barely ever check or update blogs.  How's that for Arkansas grammar?  "barely ever"  "hardly ever"  sheesh.

Anyway, we are of course busy.  We are of course good.  Life is good.  Erica has finished boards, I am starting to study for mine, we have a super sweet President elect, and Ross is an amazing kid.  Other than continually biting anything that breathes at his once-a-week parents' day out, he is the most genuine, intelligent, lovable thing on the face of the planet.