Wednesday, November 30, 2005


It was an awesome Thanksgiving. I had call last Tuesday night, which meant post-call Wednesday (day off)! Which also meant, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun off. I hate to gloat but it was AWESOME and much-needed and (I think) deserved.

Poor Erica is paying back all that time off in October. Working hard and long is an understatement. Two months in a row that end in ICU (NICU, then PICU). Yuck. Sick babies.

So we went to Conway to cousin Erin's house last Wednesday. It was so warm and inviting; I love my family time so much. They are all wonderful and lovable and fun. Thursday, all the events were at my mom's. E's cousin Clare spent the night then woke up while I was baking our famous old-family recipe for Tea Cakes. Gotta love the KitchenAid mixer (thanks, Margie). The new idea at my mom's was that the "next generation" will be taking over all cooking and prep. responsibilities for Thanksgiving in 5 years. I don't think that's enough time, but we're learning! We also planned NOT to give Christmas gifts - just one large donation. This year, it will be to the Heifer Project. Each year may be something different. I think that's a great idea and will be glad not to buy needless gifts - all while helping somebody else out. We also stopped by the Joheim's as they were about to eat. Then spent the late evening at my mom's with Erin.

Friday, E had to work (surprise). I took off for Heber Springs to spend the morning and early afternoon with Becky, Mimi, Robyn, and Forrest & Marianne(sp?). It was also much-appreciated family time. Without the kids there and the whole big family group, I got to spend even better QT with them. We went to Conway to shop a little afterwards. Then I got to see Erin AGAIN to drop off my iPod. How cool!

There is no way I could ever give enough thanks. Ever.

I'm not sure what we did the rest of the weekend. I'm sure it was important. Ha.

I have become vegetarian. This is sort of a shock to me as well as you! I just decided I don't want to put unnecessary meats into my body, so I'm not. It has been totally easy. Except for on call at stupid UAMS. Very few options. They don't even have a vegetarian soup. Whatever. I think I have always wanted to be meat-free but doubted that I could do it. As Erica and I establish an evermore earthy-crunchy lifestyle, it totally makes sense. There are very few items in the pantry and fridge that didn't come from the organic store. Heck, I even have soy milk in my fridge right now. What once would have been a total out-of-body experience is now the norm for me, and I FEEL BETTER!! At least from the clavicles up.

I have had fish several times in this two-week period, and some chicken soup that my mom made. But no turkey. That reminds me what we did Saturday - cook with the Joheims for Interfaith Hospitality Network. It's a nationwide program that now has a LR branch. Our church is responsible for a week at a time, hosting guests in the network. Then they go to another church. We provide meals and a place to stay - the program provides job training and searching. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Some of the people were awesome and grateful, others not so much. But I'm glad we helped out. I ate the meat sauce on the spaghetti because I thought it was socially required. Or at least obligatory. Erica wants me to be a "flexible vegetarian." I think that's what she means.

I'll include a few holiday pictures. I MUST stop now and tackle the pile on my desk. Ohh, and let me know if you read the Sewanee article in the NY Times today. I'm pissed off to tell you the truth. Another post for another day.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Forget everything you heard about the third time being the "charm." Our third attempt yielded a no-go on the pregnancy. We'll take a month off and take a prescription for Clomid, thank you very much. Another holiday season as a two-person family. And one dog.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


I have seen this word, "debacle," all over popular media lately. First, Jim used it on Martha's Apprentice. Then I used it (flagrant copyright violation) the next day. I have since read it on at least THREE blogs and in the Arkansas Times. And somewhere else that I'm forgetting. What is so popular about this word? Ever notice how you hear a word once, and then it's like an everyday occurence??

This is one of many words that I was reading before I ever heard it pronounced. There have been lots of those over the years, because I was a nerdy kid who read my way through life. Well, not entirely, but you get the gist. When I think of more of these words, I'll post them. I pronounced "debacle" incorrectly in my head for a long time. I emphasized the first syllable rather than the second. Funny how you one day realize how things are supposed to sound.

This has been a long entry about words. I like words, I like etymology, and for some reaon I have a delusion that my faithful readers give a damn!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I've taken some heat as of late for not blogging often enough. Well, well, well. I am flattered. Here I am on an easy rotation with time to do computer chores and stay up to date. And what did I do? Wait like 48 hours between posts, and the world comes to an end.

So the heat I'm feeling is NOT from the weather. This morning's low was near freezing. Yesterday's high was 72; today's is 52. Quite a difference. I thought all day yesterday about bundling up for the morning run, and what did I do? Stayed in bed for "one more minute" after the 5:14 second snooze went off. I ran yesterday after a two-week hiatus. What am I thinking? I have to remind myself that I ENJOY running. It is like such a chore lately that I've totally neglected my runs. Sometimes when you're a resident, life happens. Life just happens. Erica and I have been so overwhelmed. It's like everything is great one minute, yuck the next. And plenty to be done.

Happy birthday to my dad. Today is # 52. Don't tell him I posted that.

We went to the Sierra Club's screening of "Wal-Mart: The Hight Cost of Low Price" last night. Go to and (my link function is not working). If you haven't seen the film, you need to. I think it's a vital requirement in our society and state of AR. The blatant corruption, abuse, and irresponsibility of the mega-corporation had me unwittingly dropping my jaw intermittently for the entire 97-minute film. I am cutting up my Sam's card and never looking back. Forget bargain detergent and dog bones. We'll just have to get by without. And if Katy Bartlett reads my blog, I apologize in advance. I sure don't want to lose a best friend over her husband's job. I'm sure there's another side to the story (I hope).

Quapaw Quarter is hosting a showing of the film on Friday night. Unfortunately (not really), we'll be at the opening night of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Tickets already bought on-line. Hooray (my favorite written word for expression of excitement)! This weekend isn't getting here fast enough. Is it just me?

I have been a dutiful radiologic physics student as of late. I'm so proud of myself for taking (a very little) time to get started for the first set of boards next September. We radiologists apparently need to know every intricate detail of how these crazy images are produced. For some reason, this takes a year's preparation with afternoon lectures and study guides. Yuck. Do they think I really care about compton scatter, coulombs, and the modulation transfer function???

Only a few more days until our third two-week wait is over. Fingers crossed.

Friday, November 11, 2005



[What We Throw Away
In just one year, Americans generate 236 million tons of garbage. While about 30 percent of it gets recycled or composted, 164 million tons are tossed away, including:

26,800,000 tons of food
8,550,000 tons of furniture and furnishings
6,330,000 tons of clothing and footwear
5,190,000 tons of glass beer and soda bottles
4,200,000 tons of plastic wrap and bags
3,650,000 tons of junk mail
3,470,000 tons of diapers
3,160,000 tons of office paper
3,070,000 tons of tires
2,820,000 tons of carpets and rugs
2,230,000 tons of newspapers
2,060,000 tons of appliances
1,520,000 tons of magazines
1,170,000 tons of wine and liquor bottles
970,000 tons of paper plates and cups
840,000 tons of books
830,000 tons of beer and soda cans
780,000 tons of towels, sheets, and pillowcases
540,000 tons of telephone directories
450,000 tons of milk cartons
160,000 tons of lead-acid (car) batteries]

From the Sierra Club website:

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Celeb Watch

Kenny Chesney: When are you going to come out of the closet? Is is just me?

Melissa: When are you going to come to Little Rock? I love your new iTunes Originals, likely because it gives us commoners a chance to get into your head. We love intimate details. Keep 'em coming.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Sometimes when you're a resident, you have french fries for dinner. With salt and ketchup. And sometimes your dog gets to eat one too.

Right idea

We'll take these points into consideration:
A) I'm not running for President.
B) I'm not saying I could do the job much better (that's why I'm a doctor).
C) Maybe I just enjoy bashing other people.

Regardless, he's pretty much useless. Worse than that - he's taken us backward 100 years and is malignant in the process. Would that he were "only" ineffective. If he would just stay in his room all day and shut up....

Sunday, November 06, 2005


I wish I were in New York today for the ING New York City Marathon. Can you imagine how awesome that would be: 37,000 participants and over 2 million spectators. That's a lot of energy for one island. Here's a photo from the 1972 race, in which the six women participants protested a separate women's starting line. They refused to take the 10-minute "advantage" and sat on the start line for the 10-minute stretch. How cool. Less applicable now, when the women love having a separate start - more publicity, more of their "own" race, more room to run like superstars. Also pics of last year's champ, Paula Radcliffe. Perfection.

Friday, November 04, 2005




I am sick, and my voice sounds like a Frog. A big ugly toad frog.

A few websites I have been led to recently:

I think Scientology is hilarious. I'm glad they came up with it, if only for the entertainment value sorely needed for the rest of us in the world. The more I read about it, the more I laugh out loud and think Tom Cruise is pathetic. Just like Rosie, my former crush on him has waned.

Last weekend was packed. We had that Halloween party at our house for the peds people. I did med school interviews on Saturday AM, then we spent most of the day at the Joheim's for Sydney's birthday party. It was of course a blast. Erica and I had to leave to go to a retirement fancy party on top of the Peabody Hotel for Dr. Kelsey Caplinger, one of her dad's partners. Dory became queen of the hill at the birthday party, as all the wimpy dogs shied away and ran home with their tails between their legs. Ha. Sunday morning, we had Sunday school and church, potluck, and naps. Erica and I used our season tickets for the Rep's last night production of Of Mice and Men. It was very powerful and well-acted. I'm glad we got to go.

This has been another boring nuclear (unclear) medicine week. I was post-call Tuesday and had a seminar Thursday, so at least I had some time off! I'm on call again tomorrow, which marks my fourth Saturday call. I think I only have 8 or 9 the whole year, so it's great to knock another one down. I've been reading and studying this week, which makes me feel better. I also had a ministries meeting at church, which was productive and gave me a feel for a lot of the planning and ideas for Advent and Christmas.

I have worn a sweater two days in a row. Hooray for our much-needed fall. Now that Erica is in the NICU and next month in the PICU, it was good timing to start our yearly seasonal affective disorder with the changing of the clocks. Yuck. Time marches on.