Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Small World

I'm glad to see that the blog I mentioned circled back around to Little Rock. I haven't worked with Andy yet, but that's in my near future.

For my "upset" article of the day, I have learned that Title 9 is in some danger. From the NY Times:

"The Bush administration has mounted a surreptitious new attack on Title IX, the 33-year-old law that has exponentially expanded the participation of girls and women in sports.

Last month, a memo went up on an Education Department Web site that was billed as a "clarification" of Title IX regulations. But the memo amounted to a major weakening of the criteria used to determine compliance with the rule that all schools receiving public funds provide equal sports opportunities for men and women. Under the new guidelines, on campuses where the proportion of female athletes falls notably below the proportion of women in the student body, and sports programs for women are not expanding, a college will still be able to show it is "fully and effectively" obeying the law by doing an online survey that shows women have no unmet sports interests. The department says that if the rate of response is low - as it is with most such surveys - that will be interpreted as a lack of interest."

There's more where that came from, of course. For full text, click here. You'll need a password for some of their articles. It's free and something you need to do, anyway!


emily said...

hey, lady! so glad you let me know about your blog. i LOVE it! very good to read about your world. it's on my blog list in my bookmarks so i'll hit it daily. very happy about that.

i do have to laugh about your life that you live... funny to think that we graduated together and how far you've made it. very proud of you and possibly a little jealous. love you so much!

Leah said...

Emily - Hey yourself! I'm glad you've found my little site. Please don't laugh at my life! I haven't made it any farther than you have - heck, I'm still in LR and you're on the freakin' beach.... Jealousy goes both ways, my adventurous friend. You'll stay young longer!

emily said...

that's exactly what i'll write on my cardboard sign... followed adventure... please help it survive! haha!

besides, now that i'm out here, you can live the best of both worlds! you and erica can be there but visit here any time you want.