Friday, April 22, 2005

Red letter

Okay, today is such a red-letter day. Of course, it's FRIDAY. That's a big deal. And Erica and I are taking our dog on her first camping trip. Another big deal! And we're all packed up, the consult list is down, the weather is gorgeous, and I ate an Egg McMuffin for breakfast. I might just cease to exist this weekend - I've reached some kind of pinnacle in life! Just kidding.

Thursday is the best night to do nothing. With the Apprentice and ER, you just can't lose. I think we'll actually see a GIRL win the Apprentice this time around. Finally, they have some decent ones. It's time to share with you my all-time "If I wrote an ER episode" fantasy. Two words: Abby and Susan.

Here's hoping for a clear night, blazing fire, and no strong winds. Will post pictures after return...

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Rainbow Momma said...

See you tonight!!