Monday, April 11, 2005


I just found the coolest site! It's another blog, and it's called "So What Can I Do?" Lots of good links about how to fix all the things that aren't going so well in the world. From recycling to AIDS awareness to political turmoil. Looks like it's all there - I'm planning on learning more about it.


Karama said...

Hi Leah!

I'm so glad you like 'So what can I do.' It's quite rewarding to work on, so I am pleased that you and others are finding it useful.

On another note, I grew up in Little Rock and visit there quite often! I did my first lab work in the UAMS biochem department, and still know lots of folks there. It's a good place.

How was the Little Rock Marathon? I started running a few years ago, and haven't done anything longer than a 10K yet, but I definitely want to do the LR Marathon sometime. Maybe I'll see you there!

Karama said...

Oh! And if you know Andy Finkbeiner (Radiology Fellow), tell him hello for me. We went to high school together.

brooke said...

good tip!
the blog looks awesome. right up my alley. and cool that she's from little rock...

Leah said...

I ran the 1/2 marathon this year. It was such a blast. It made me realize how people get totally addicted to running (which I already was). I trained for the full last year but hurt my knee.