Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Shower song

Okay, obviously it's not very busy on ID consults today. I am wasting time, surfing along, and come upon music playlists at MSN music. Now, there is no way that the playlist "Singin' in the Shower" is not going to appeal to me. I LOVE to sing in the shower. In fact, I take that several steps farther: I love to sing loud cheesy music whenever, wherever. I have lost my voice on long car trips because of this. I have been stone-cold sober and gotten yelled at in dorms for screaming Celine Dion songs at the top of my lungs (don't laugh, Erica Brooke - you were there, too). And karaoke at the Murfreesboro Holiday Inn was among my top 10 college memories!

I'm an iTunes girl, so I hope I'm not betraying that loyalty by passing this along. I plan on buying some of these from the Apple folks!

Hmm, that's funny. Wait a second... I already own most of these!!

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