Sunday, June 26, 2005


I'm still trying to get my picture updated. There are all these limitations on it - url has to be less than some number of characters, it has to be less than some number of kilobytes, blah, blah BLAH. So now it's updated on the profile but not on the page - and I hate that first picture I used. I'll continue to work on this. Bear/bare with me.

My favorite blog is Rosie. I try to look at it every day. She posts pictures of her family, too. The website sent about 15,000 mousepads to people who had signed into the blog. Apparently, most of them were mislabeled. Well, an envelope came to our house for some lady named Diane (not the former owner). I was going to mail it back, but Dory made it a part of her routine desktop lunch. Voila - a mousepad was revealed, and I (the intentional recipient) kept it! Hooray.

We're going to a Cards game on July 23rd.
We want to go camping another time this summer/fall.
My call schedule for the entire next year is posted.
Life is plannable again.
I haven't seen my dad's boat yet.
Stuff to do...

I'm on my last intern call. It's E's last intern ER night. Tomorrow, we will sleep off our night together. Then a nice celebratory dinner. With dessert for a job well done. Did I already use the word "Hooray"?

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Rainbow Momma said...

Hooray!!! Great seeing you two!