Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Joined up

Looks like Brooke has joined the blog fun, but I can't access it yet. I'll wait with baited breath!

Had a great run with Dory this AM. It seems to me that not much can ruin a day when you wake up, take the dog for an early run, and have breakfast/start the day on time. I only have a couple of patients today, then some computer training this afternoon. Should be a quick day. Too bad it's cloudy outside.

Erica and I are planning on going to the lake Friday to spend the night on the Smith's houseboat. I haven't seen the boat yet, but I know it's awesome. Mom is already over there enjoying spring break with them. Hopefully, the weather will hold out for them. Barkley should have a blast barking at their big dogs and acting tough.

Dad is in Spain on the Costa del Sol. I remember learning about that area in Spanish classes and Hemingway novels. It's probably totally luxurious and gorgeous. Mediterranean bliss...

Erica is now on ER nights. That will end this week, but then she goes to 2 weeks of night float. For them, it's a great rotation - you only work 5 9-hr shifts a week! Almost like vacation to a peds intern. But it means we only see each other in the sleepy afternoon/evening time. So weird to be on opposite schedules.

I switch to infectious diseases on Friday. I'll miss this clinic (I think), but it's always fun to switch. Only 3 more months of internship!!!! That sounds like nothing.

Still working on getting pictures posted. Hang in there.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog thingy...I hope you've had a great week..Love