Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Ross has a fever bug.  It was up to 104.1 this evening, which is not fun.  Imagine two doctors sitting around scratching their heads wondering what to do next.  And then we snap back into reality and realize that there are medicines for these things, and we give them to kids, and then we put the kid in the bath, and then we repeat.  The only thing worse than feeling miserable is feeling miserable in some emergency room or hospital.  We know these truths to be self-evident.

He also has asthma, which we realized on the two preceding days.  Wheezing is not fun, either, but we are blessed to have a set of bronchioles that responds to updrafts.  Whew.  We cleaned the house this weekend, which stirred up dust, which mixed with the pollen, which made for asthma exacerbation.

At least the downstairs is clean.  Now if I could just get up in the mornings to get back into a workout routine.  Fat chance - I leave for DC for another week on Saturday.  I have a busy week remaining; there is a visiting professor in our department, which always means extra time for lectures.  I'm also going to dinner tomorrow night with some of the dept., and that will be a drawn-out event.  


Melissa said...

Fever is awful! I used to think that the worst thing about kids sickness was puking... it's got nothing on fevers!

We'll be wishing you all well. Have fun on your trip!

Jess said...

Layne just got over the fever thing....it doesn't matter what you know, when it is your kid the doctor stuff goes away instantly